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Pitched to the Jameson Indie Music Video Grant with my Buddies Malan & Keenan but 
Jack Parow liked the idea so much that he commissioned us to create the animation:

Lead Animator:
 Malan De Kock

Clean Up Animator:
 Keegan Thornhill

Background Paintings:
Keenan Gaybba

Starbomb - The Atari Mystery Hour - The Pong Paddle Puzzle - Fan Animation

Fan Animated a Starbomb short with my Buddy Dwayne

Dwayne - DA - Behance



Animated on a music video for Van Coke Kartel for their song Here Man with my buddies Ameen and Dwayne and its been released today:
I Animated on a music video for Jack Parow.
Animated a Dark Souls 2 short with my buddy Keenan for Lore this week:

An animated music vid I worked on last year has finally been released.
Its for DJ Nathan Mayor of Soul Candi Records for his new single "Do It All"
Myself and my buddy Malan worked on this one. 
Malan took the helm on this one and defined the look and style of the video and I assisted with animation and colouring etc. It was on a super tight deadline but we made it work, here is the link below:


Malan's Blog

My Blog
Was part of a team that animated on a music video for the band the Kiffness for their new song "Pushin On"

Here's the video below:…
Made a Behance Portfolio going to be updating it as I go along with my blog etc…
Documenting the inking and colouring process for a quick piece I'm working on at the moment.

Awesome, Awesome to the Max!…
So I think I might have won the Icon Logo Contest?…,……
I'm so damn excited for this!

Tosin Abasi Guitar Clinic on Wednesday the 12th of June at Zula Bar.

Free Entrance the show starts at 19:00………
Blog updates coming soon...
My Buddy Keenan gave me the best Dr Seuss inspired birthday card ever its absolutely amazing!  Thats me in the litter-box.
I went to see Ernest et Celestine this evening at Cinema Nouveau for the Kunjanimation Festival.  
What a phenomenal film!  Really inspiring!
The animation was absolutely breath taking and the story was superb!
Any fan of traditional animation will not be disappointed and must see this film.
Howdy everybody.
Anyone going to the Kunjanimation Animation Festival screenings?
I'm keen to go see "Ernest et Célestine."

The tickets are all free, the booking process is all here:…

Sunday the 21st October

17:00 Ernest et Célestine……